13 Bread Recipes to Make (Even If You've Never Made Bread Before)

May 20, 2016

Bread is not always the easiest. See the recent spike in sourdough nurturers: You have to nurture a living thing long before you get to eat any of its output. (You're not the only one who finds the prospect of that stressful.) Once you hit a stride, it becomes second-nature—as with all things—but for the uninitiated, the task seems insurmountable. Bread from the bakery (or the grocery store, or the farmers market) it is.

But bread isn't always difficult; in fact, most of it is strikingly simple. (And if it's the yeast that scares you, you can steer well clear.) Here are 13 recipes for our favorite loafs, rolls, and biscuits—breads you should put on your to-try list, even if you're a newbie bread baker.



What bread recipes do you recommend first timers? Share recipes (and tips!) in the comments!


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