Memorial Day

18 Snacks (and 6 Podcasts) to Get You to and through Memorial Day

May 25, 2016

Long weekends (with Memorial Day kicking off a whole season of them) mean getting out of town: You'll be guiding the car to a faraway friend's house, or heading out on a hike, or staying home and getting as far away as you can from your daily routine (meet you in the park?). And wherever you go and whatever you do, you're going to need sustenance to get you there.

We've rounded up some of our favorite food-themed podcasts (brain snacks) and road trip treats (actual snacks) to keep you happy and munching well beyond the weekend:

For really long car rides

What to listen to

Dinner Party Download // Ep. 347: "Episode 347: Colin Farrell, Maria Bamford, Frankie Cosmos"

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Each episode of the Dinner Party Download is almost an hour long, and all of them are pleasantly meandering, hopping from history to cocktails to etiquette to pop culture to music to groan-y puns, which means that you'll never get bored (and feel a lot more culturally informed by the end of it), no matter how long your trip is.

What to eat

For cooking marathons

What to listen to

Gravy // Ep. 34: "Jell-O Makes the Modern (Mountain) Woman"

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Top Comment:
“I cant wait to start cooking, I am always happy sitting in the kitchen. I'm making some soap in the morning, then I think italian snacking bread, that will go well with a espresso. Looking forward to tomorrow”
— Barbara T.

You've almost certainly had a Jell-O at least once in your life, either for comfort or as a celebratory food (lookin' at you, Jell-O salad). As the Southern Foodways Alliance's podcast Gravy reports, Jell-O holds a particularly important place in Appalachian cooking (and the history of modern refrigeration).

What to eat

For lazing in the hammock

What to listen to

Spilled Milk // Ep. 227: "Fruit Salad"

If you're going to welcome anyone into the hammock with you, let it be the goofy and wonderful duo behind Spilled Milk, Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. In this episode, they talk fruit salad (the good, the bad, the ugly).

What to eat

For hikes

What to listen to

Heritage Radio Network Week in Review // May 16, 2016: "'Feeding the Beast' with Kat Kinsman at Cherry Bombe Jubilee 2016"

Number one: If you're hiking with friends, talk to them! Save this podcast for later. Buuuut (number two) if you're taking a solo hike, mull on Kat Kinsman's discussion of mental health in the food industry. It's not light, but it's great for a walk in the foods (and it's short—so you can do the rest of the hike in quiet reverence for nature, if that's your thing).

What to eat

For juicing a million lemons for lemonade and cocktails

What to listen to

Burnt Toast // April 7, 2016: "That Spritz Life: Drinking and Cooking Culture in Italy"

Summertime means spritzes as far as we're concerned, and Kenzi Wilbur (bias alert, she's Food52's own managing editor) chats up Talia Baiocchi, Leslie Pariseau, and Katie Parla—all of whom have a lot to say about Italian cocktails. Come for the lovely, musical spoken Italian, and stay for everything else.

What to eat

For feeling extra-Americana

What to cook

Gastropod // December 1, 2015: "States Plates"

The hosts of Gastropod (part-history, part-science, part-pop culture, part-food party) chat with Matthew Gavin Frank, author of The Mad Feast, about official and unofficial state dishes, like California rolls (California), crawfish étouffée (Louisiana), and marionberry pie (Oregon). History lessons and peckishness ahead.

What to eat

Podcast and snack pairings—recommend a few in the comments below!

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Carol June 3, 2016
I'm all about The Sporkful!
Barbara T. May 27, 2016
I am so glad that I get you in my email. Homemade graham crackers oh yes!
I cant wait to start cooking, I am always happy sitting in the kitchen. I'm making some soap in the morning, then I think italian snacking bread, that will go well with a espresso. Looking forward to tomorrow
Donna D. May 27, 2016
Homemade graham crackers! Yummm....they'll be just the thing to go with my homemade toasted coconut marshmallows (Julia's favorite) and a chocolate bar with almonds for the perfect gourmet s'mores this summer!
laurenlocally May 25, 2016
Here's the Thing is my morning commute obsession. Usually listened to while eating two hard boiled eggs.
Kate H. May 30, 2016
I enjoy Here's The Thing, too. But sometimes I find myself yelling at Alec to quit interrupting the guest! For food listens, I like America's Test Kitchen and Splendid Table, in addition to the ones mentioned here.