Our Hotline MVP of the Month

May 28, 2016

Every month we choose a Food52er to thank for his or her generous help and guidance on the Hotline, and we're excited to announce that May's Hotline MVP is Sam1148.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Sam1148 is a longtime Food52er and constant helpful presence on the Hotline. He’s always ready with suggestions for everything: uses for 6-inch cake pans, substitutes for fresh crab, and ideas for what to do with pork belly and canned sardines.

Plus, we appreciate that he often injects his thoughtful responses with humor, as evidenced by the name of his sourdough starter and his response to our own Software Engineer Micki, who was looking for suggestions for food souvenirs to bring back from Scotland and Ireland:

You can get haggis through the customs if you don't claim it as food but rather a cultural artifact.

Congratulations to Sam1148 and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline—the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Sam1148 May 29, 2016
Wow thanks guys.
Greenstuff May 28, 2016
Very cool. A two-time winner (at least). V
luvcookbooks May 28, 2016
Congrats! It is because of you that I always rinse my quinoa! Thanks for everything!