Our Favorite Streusel-Topped, Frosting-Covered Cakes to Start Your Day

Most days start like this: Wake up, eat a slice of buttered toast, rush out the door. But ever so often, there are mornings more like this: Wake up, eat cake, be happy (and probably still, let's be honest, rush out the door). These are the days when we have blueberry cake topped with a generous amount or streusel or a loaf practically swimming in brown butter icing leftover from last night's dinner (or prepared just for this very moment).

Which morning is better, you ask? You already know the answer.

From the lightly sweet to the more heavily frosted, here are 23 breakfast-worthy cakes to bake.

There's fruit, it must be virtuous!

Is it bread? Is it cake? It's a little of both

A cake by any other name

Finally, when only straight-up cake will do

What dessert do you like to pretend is breakfast? Tell us in the comments below!

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This article was originally published in October 2016.

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Laura October 14, 2016
are there gluten free version of any of these cakes?? Each one looks so darn good!!