Cookbooks Make Fabulous Last-Minute Gifts (Especially with This Guide)

December 23, 2016

The original name of this article was "F@#! I forgot a present," but somehow that didn't fly. But when you're in a hurry and you start cursing because you think you're screwed because you procrastinated buying gifts—or there's a fun addition to your Christmas dinner—you just want lists that will tell you what to get for a present. You still want the gift to be good, though, and thoughtful! But it can't be too hard to wrap.

Well, you made it to the right place; scroll along for lists of wonderful cookbooks. The books featured range from classic and beloved to a little artsy but still beloved. Some of them are available signed (aka extra thoughtful) in The Food52 Shop, but click the zooming truck on the product page to see if they can arrive in time.

Most of these books will also be found at your bookstore, which I really urge you to visit. My most joyful Christmases were back in high school, when I'd work the Christmas Eve shift at a bookstore. It was busy like Santa's workshop, and full of anxious people who'd quickly grow excited and relieved when they found just the right gift for everyone on their list. Oh, and listening to Christmas songs for 14 hours!

New Books

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Classic Favorites

Tell us: What cookbook would you give as a last-minute (but still great!) gift?

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