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27 Recipes to Make for Someone Who Has the Flu

Let me preface this by saying: I just had the flu. And by "just" had, I mean that I had it last week. I still have a cough. My nose isn't in the best shape. I can quite vividly remember the fever, chills, sweating, and general, horrible ugh feeling.

For about a week, I subsisted on chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. However, if you don't like either of these options (or just for variety's sake), these 27 recipes are flu-appropriate. They might not cure you (thank you, Tamiflu!), but they will give you comfort.

And, of course, you might be too sick to cook. It's the flu, after all! Grab your mom, dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, or just friend and enlist their help. If they get the flu, you'll return the favor.


While chicken noodle soup can actually help clear up congestion and has anti-inflammatory properties, most any soup—especially if you're a vegetarian or don't like chicken noodle soup (do I know you?)—is soothing.


For your stomach ache and/or nausea. Might I also suggest some ginger tea?


To boost the immune system and relieve congestion, of course! Please note that some of these recipes have dairy and are a bit heartier, making them more suited for folks on the tail end of the flu.


Is there a food that's easier on the stomach? (Probably bananas, but still.)

Ice Pops

Your sore throat will thank you.

What do you make when you (or someone you know) has the flu?

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    Caro McAdam
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Caro M. January 29, 2017
Today - now I'm felling well enough to cook! - I shall be doing Nigel Slater's chicken poached in stock with soy sauce, star anise, shaoxing wine, brown sugar, onions & julienne ginger. Great with noodles or greens (or both) and soooo delicious.. plus makes the house smell lovely
Maurina R. January 27, 2017
Take out Chinese chicken noodle. The broth is clear and salty, the noodles and chicken silky, and it all goes down easy. If someone in your house is sick, a big production seems onerous. Canned or take out can get you through.
BerryBaby January 25, 2017
The flu is an awful thing to have! Hope you are back to 100%. No one has had the flu here in a very long time. Just colds and I make chicken broth which seems to help with the sinuses and makes your whole body feel better. Lots of water and saltines and that is about it. So it doesn't spend to all of us, I wipe down all door knobs, handles, anything the 'cold' person comes in contact with using the disinfectant wipes. Hope everyone stays well!