Eat All This Bacon Like It's About to Run Out

February  2, 2017

Is there currently a bacon shortage? No.

America’s bacon-fueled hysteria ebbs and flows every few years, the culinary world’s answer to Satanic Panic. But the panic has really swelled in the past day or so, as news of rapidly depleting pork belly reserves resulted in a flurry of fear-stoking news reports appended with alarmist headlines that rocked readers to their core. It's even got its own URL from the Ohio Pork Supply!

Well, to borrow a turn of phrase from this Medium post, the supposed bacon shortage is a headfake, and we’re falling for it, baby. Yesterday, Joe Cosacarelli of The New York Times penned a Snopesian takedown of this gastronomic pearl-clutching, lambasting it as “fake news." In his piece, he clarified that these depleting pork belly reserves don't necessarily translate to an impending bacon shortage.

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Glad that's cleared up. Isn't that better? Doesn't that assuage your fears? Now go ahead and treat yourself to bacon; put it in any dish you can. Sprinkle it in a salad. Place it atop a toast. Dunk it in some broth. Throw it at your enemy. (Don't do this.) Digest it in a dish of your choosing, like the ones below. Consume it rapidly.

The Bacon-Ensconced

Some 'Gers (Uh, Burgers)

Baconian Sammies

Break this fast, now

Rice, Rice, Baby

Stews & Noodles & Soups

Um…These Have Bacon in Them? Let's Call This "Misc"

These Are Mostly Bacon

What's your favorite recipe with bacon? Let us know in the comments.

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Whiteantlers February 2, 2017
Bacon needs a recipe?! Quoting Archibald Macleish..."a poem should not mean but BE."