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32 Father's Day Gifts You Didn't Give Him Last Year

June  7, 2017

Father's Day is creeping up on us—June 18. Do you have a gift idea yet? 32 wrappables for dads, daddy-os, pops', and papas ahead.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

The Gifts

1. A rugged, cast iron skillet with serious chops for serious pork chops—hand-forged in South Carolina.

2. And a rugged apron to match (and catch the splatters).

3. A vintage poster for 1,000,000 cool points.

4. A faux-vintage pennant for 1,000,000 more.

5. Simple, sleek wood frames, or 6. a copper magnetic photo bar. Just the upgrade his office walls need.

7. The running shorts he's been wearing for 15 years are getting embarrassing. Time for a new pair!

8. In between flips at the grill, he can practice his mallet strokes for now-weekly croquet tournaments with a new wooden set.

9. A gift sampling of luxurious bath products so he can choose his favorite. Maybe he's a Beard Oil kind of guy. Or is Aftershave Splash more his style?

10. Okay, FINE dad, I'll get you some socks. But they're going to be cool socks.

11. The wine glasses) that upscale cocktails bars are obsessed with. (He can repeat that to his guests at every dinner party.)

12. A wine subscription to keep his palate sharp and wine cellar (i.e. countertop) stocked.

13. Dad can shake and stir up a different kind of happy hour drink with non-alcoholic spirits that range from earthy to spicy, made with farm-grown, freshly-picked herbs and flowers.

14. Ice trays that turn out collins-shaped ice, monster cubes, and perfect spheres for the fanciest cocktails and mocktails on the block.

15. A funny t-shirt he can wear while being the handyman that he is.

16. And on the other end of the spectrum, a handcrafted toolbox as much a hard worker as a piece of art. Fill 'er with hammers and nails, pens and paintbrushes, or tie clips and cuff links.

17. Coffee so good he'll never go back to Chock Full o'Nuts (and a yearly subscription so he'll never be without).

18. He's been obsessing over espresso since the trip to Italy. Modern demi tasse cups will kick his set-up off.

19. His new favorite relaxing afternoon activity: tending to a mini succulent garden. And if he forgets to water? They can withstand a little water deprivation.

20. His new favorite gardening tool set: these hand-forged beauties (a trowel, hand rake, and square hoe) from Fisher Blacksmithing in Bozeman, MT.

21. A subscription to Stack, which delivers the most visually striking, offbeat, and thought-provoking independent magazines out there (like Dirty Furniture, a design magazine that dissects one piece of furniture each issue and how it factors into our everyday lives), right to dad's door—and it's a surprise every month!

22. Or a subscription to Short Stack, whose mini cookbooks (written by pro chefs and food luminaries) focus on one ingredient per issue. Did you know avocado noodles are a thing? Now dad will.

23. The book everyone is talking about and 24. cheeky brass bookmarks to save his spot. (If he can put it down.)

Online Mini Knife Skills Class

25. With an online knife skills class, pops will learn the difference between brunoise and batonnet. To seal the deal, give him 26. a classic German hand-made carbon steel knife set—carbon steel stays sharper, longer, with less sharpening needed than stainless steel.

Zabar's New York Bagel Breakfast

27. A salami bouquet that will last longer than peonies. Oh wait, it probably won't.

28. The quintessential New York bagel breakfast from the storied delicatessen, Zabar's. It ships overnight so the pumpernickels will be fresh and ready for piles of nova.

Fire Pit

Everything for the backyard: 29. chic string lights, 30. a fire pit (dads love fires, right?), and reusable, sturdy, plastic tableware: 31. shatter-proof wine glasses and 32. flatware that won't bend when spearing a piece of steak. It's 100 steps up from the 100-packs at Costco.

What's dad getting this year? Did he ask for socks? Give us the deets in the comments.

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elizabeth June 9, 2017
#11, the wine glasses, that website only ships to the UK! Found them on Amazon, but sold individually (and more expensive). Any other recommendations on where to buy a set of them?
Olivia B. June 9, 2017
Hi elizabeth,

Ah, good catch. The Zalto glasses available in the US that I've seen are a good bit more expensive, around $60 a stem (even checked around on ebay to no avail). I updated the link, sorry to get your hopes up about price!