31 Ways We'd Eat Peaches Every Day This Month

August 14, 2017

I'm a summer baby, so I love everything about these hot, sunny days. What I look forward to most with this season are the peaches. For me, a slice of peach pie with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream slowly melting on top might be my Proustian food. Such desserts were completely foreign at home where my Chinese parents only ate fruit in their natural form.

Now that we're in the full swing of summer, you'll see plenty of peaches everywhere. Maybe you'll buy a few to snack on, but if you're like me and want peaches every which way (fritters! pizza! pie!), we've plucked 31 recipes to have them in all their sweet, juicy glory.

How do you like them peaches? Tell us in the comments.

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Lyna Vuong

Written by: Lyna Vuong

I'm a food studies grad student, cook, and interior designer. (I love a colorful palate/palette!)


Joyce F. August 20, 2017
I've been looking for a recipe for cold peach soup. Does anyone have a recipe?
ustabahippie August 16, 2017
Sorry to have my phone autocorrect Jaffrey
ustabahippie August 16, 2017
I have a South Indian peach salad recipe from Madhur Jeffrey. It's just fresh peaches dresses with lemon juice toasted cumin chili powder salt and a pinch of sugar. A great change from all the sweet recipes. Savio
Martha M. August 16, 2017
How do I get the saliva off my keyboard??? ;-) What a wonderful post!
BerryBaby August 15, 2017
My Peach Apricot Cheesecake (recipe is posted) SO delicious!