Bright, Vibrant Greens for the Thanksgiving Table

November 14, 2017

The Thanksgiving table tends to be overwhelmed by one color in particular: beige. Turkey, mashed potatoes, yeasty rolls—all delicious, all covetable, and all, well, various shades of brown.

Which is all fine and good! This is, after all, a holiday that is chiefly focused around food (and, I suppose, giving thanks), so balance is not exactly a top priority. However, a little bit of green goes a long way to offset mountains of cheese, butter, and carbohydrates, adding a dose of freshness and vivacity to the table.

If you're stuck on how to make holiday-worthy green sides that your guests will actually want to eat, look no further than our Thanksgiving Automagic Menu Maker! Use this handy (and, we must say, fun) tool to create a custom Thanksgiving spread, mixing and matching some of our favorite holiday recipes to create a menu just for you. We've rounded up our favorites from the greens section of the tool (plus a few bonus ones), starring broccoli (cheesy and not), leafy, fresh salads, the crispiest brussels sprouts, rich, bitter greens, and the turkey day fan favorite: green beans! Both in casserole form and in some less-traditional guises. Go forth, go green, and break up the beige.

Salads and the like


leafy greens

Green beans

Brussels Sprouts

What green sides always have a spot on your Thanksgiving table? Are there any you're eager to try out this year? Tell us in the comments!

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