Freezer-Friendly Cookies, Bars, & Brownies for Last-Minute Dessert

December  8, 2017

The holidays are a baker's paradise. It's a time of the year when apple pies, gingerbread, and festively-frosted sugar cookies are always welcome, especially with a mug of after-dinner coffee or cardamom hot chocolate.

The holidays are also a time when friends and family gather, sometimes in greater numbers or frequency than expected. Even the best bakers can get overwhelmed. In these cases, you will need dessert (and maybe wine, too). But who's got time to whip up a butternut squash cheesecake or gorgeous galette in between all that entertaining, gift-making (and wrapping), and holiday merriment? Instead, make a batch of salty butterscotch bars, fudgy brownies, or festive spritz cookies now, and keep them in the freezer for last-minute guests, after-dinner noshing, or just as a solo late-night snack. Here are 26 sweet, freezer-friendly recipes to get you started:

Setting the Bar

Earn Brownie Points

Smart Cookies Plan Ahead

What sweet treats do you freeze in anticipation of the holidays? (Or just as a midnight snack for yourself?) Share in the comments!

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