Need Holiday Cooking Help? Join Us for Holiday Hotline Hours

December 14, 2017

With so many meals to plan, treats to bake, and parties to attend, we could all use a little extra help during the holidays. That's why we've partnered with Braun Household to bring you great tools like our Automagic Holiday Menu Planner and now, Holiday Hotline Hours.

All year round, our Hotline is a source of inspiration and problem-solving. It's where community members come together to help each other find answers to the most confounding kitchen queries, from how much longer to bake a pie at a higher altitude to how to get that pesky garlic smell off your hands (it can be done!).

With the holidays now upon us, we’re all cooking and entertaining more—which naturally means more (and more urgent) questions about menu planning, cooking and baking, table setting, wine pairing, and centerpiece arranging. So once again, we're kicking our Hotline into high gear. Our editors are here to help, and there's no question too large or too small.

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Starting Thursday and Friday of this week (that’s December 14th and 15th) and then from December 19th all the way through the 24th, we’ll be on call for you from noon to 2:00 PM EST everyday. While we're always here to answer your questions, during that time we'll be ready to answer them within 10 minutes or less, standing by to converse with you as you plan and prep for some of the biggest meals of the year.

So bring on your most pressing, stressing, logic-defying holiday cooking and hosting questions. Whether you can't get that toffee to come together, aren't sure what to bring your hosts, or simply have no idea what to serve your gluten-free, vegan cousin, Lindsay-Jean, Hana, Nikkitha, Joanna, and the rest of our editorial team are ready to find a solution to whatever challenge you're facing, right along with you. Because everyone has burned a batch of cookies (or two), but together we can make it better.

Happy cooking, and happy holidays!

The holidays call for more cooking, baking, and hosting than other other time of year, which of course means menu planning and problem solving for issues that arise along the way. That's why we've partnered with Braun Household, makers of helpful tools like the MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender, to bring you extra Holiday Hotline Hours today through December 24th.

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