A Knock-Your-Socks-Off Gorgeous Pudding for Blood Orange Season

December 19, 2017

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This creamy white chocolate pudding from oliveannie strikes the perfect balance between sweet, nutty, and tart, thanks to the savvy addition of toasted pistachios and blood oranges.

I never know what to do with blood oranges. I'm often tempted to throw them into my grocery bag, entranced by their ruby-red interiors, sweet-tart flavor, and galaxy-swirled rinds. But once I get home, I never quite know what to do with them. They seem too precious to use like typical oranges. Sure, I could just gild them with olive oil, sea salt, and chocolate or top them with sorbet and vanilla ice cream, but sometimes I want something with a little more wow factor. Enter this nutty, creamy, elegant pudding from oliveannie which looks just as good as it tastes—and damn, it tastes amazing.

See? We told you it's a looker. Photo by Bobbi Lin

To make it, she purées pistachios until smooth and uses them as a base for a simple pudding sweetened with white chocolate. After straining and spooning the finished product into individual serving bowls (or coupes, or wee glasses, or coffee mugs, etc., etc.), the pudding chills for a few hours and boom—it's ready. All that's left is to top each dessert with more pistachios and the pièce de résistance: blood orange segments (don't worry, they're not as tricky to make as you think). Voilà! You've got a drop-dead gorgeous dessert that strikes the perfect balance between creamy, sweet, nutty, and fresh; the comforting richness of the white chocolate and pistachio tempered by tangy bursts of blood orange. Make this stunner for your next dinner party, holiday soirée, or New Year's shindig, and let the compliments roll in.

What's your favorite way to make use of ruby-red blood oranges? Juice them? Eat them whole? Tell us in the comments!

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