14 Easy, Sweet Loaves to Ease You Back Into Baking

January  3, 2018

Reader, I’d be remiss if I didn’t fess up to spending holiday-induced down time consuming episode after episode of The Great British Bake Off. The saccharine episodes go down easier than a basket of well-baked scones and before I knew it, I found myself elbow deep in season 3. Somewhere between the technical challenges, I got lost in a world of opera cakes and stiff foamy peaks of perfectly whipped egg whites.

All the hours spent watching others bake, however, stirred within me a genuine desire to get out there myself. And by "out there," I don’t mean a white tent in the sprawling backyard of an English castle—though that would be nice—but my own kitchen. So, in the spirit of Mary Berry and those culinary hopefuls from across the pond, I’ve gathered a slew of sweet and easy baking projects from our site. Because, after a month of noshing on sweet loaves and fruity breads, why stop now?

Ready, Set, Bake!

With these recipes in tow, and increasingly cold temperatures outside, now's a better time than ever to crank that oven and stay inside for a day—or two!—of baking.

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What bread will you celebrate the new year with? Let us know what you choose in the comments.

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Valerio Farris

Written by: Valerio Farris


Kevin 1. June 25, 2018
Can anyone recommend a see through disposable bread container ? Because my bread is frosted I can't wrap it or put it in a bag without messing up the frosting. I've looked everywhere on line but can't find the right sized container. My pan is 9 x 5
Adrienne S. January 8, 2018
I've made the cinnamon scone bread before and it was delicious.
Francene G. January 8, 2018
I am definitely trying Maida Heatter's cinnamon loaf! For my coworkers, this morning I am making a loaf of egg nog bread and sweet potato bread. (I hate to waste food and need to use up some items things. The breads are a quick, easy, and tasty fix to that.
Guadalupe A. January 8, 2018
We celebrated New years with Oatmeal Pumpkin spiced cookies.

marijke S. January 7, 2018
Because I loooooove marzipan, Molly Yeh's chocolate marzipan scone loaf.
Kelie January 7, 2018
These look great! Why doesn't anyone ever talk about houska?
FS January 7, 2018
Yum yum! I'm going to try a few of these recipes!