17 One-Pot Meals That Aren't Soup or Stews

January  9, 2018

If you love warm meals but hate doing dishes, chances are that you’re a fan of one-pot cooking (I certainly am). There’s something soothing about building a meal, layer by layer, in a large, heavy-bottomed pan that has seen you through good times and bad. Usually, the method is simple and formulaic: start with a glug or two of oil, soften some alliums, add meat or vegetables or grains or legumes, then top with broth or water. Using this guide, you’ll often end up with something in the soup, stew, or chili family: filling, delicious, and spoonable. All in all, something great.

But what about those times you want something with a little more bite and textural contrast? Perhaps a dish of lentils and potatoes, redolent with Indian spices, or tender pork loin with leeks and apples? Maybe you're looking for creamy, comforting pasta or fall-off-the-bone chicken. But most of all, you still want to be able to make it in one pan, dirtying the fewest possible dishes. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got 17 recipes that are just what you’re looking for:

What are your favorite tips and tricks for reducing dishes? Clean as you go? One-pot wonders? Share your secrets in the comments!

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