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11 Tomato Dishes to Make in the Dead of Winter

January 10, 2018

Does anyone else miss tomatoes? I know everything has its time and season, but I yearn for the days of fresh tomatoes tucked into salads and sandwiches, or layered into galettes and tarts. Or how about those warm nights when a simple slice and sprinkle of salt transformed tomatoes into unforgettable dinners?

Unfortunately, we have a long way to go before tomato season. But I’m coping with the beautiful bounty that comes via cans. (Okay, coping might be a stretch—we all know canned tomatoes are pantry superstars.) Need some inspiration? Here are 11 tomato-filled dishes that you can still enjoy in the dead of winter. Tomato salads will just have to wait.

How do you handle non-tomato season? What're your favorite winter recipes? Share below!

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Bevi January 10, 2018
One of my favorite tomato dishes is from a longtime food52er, pauljoseph.
I would love to know what pauljoseph is doing, since there has not been been a recipe submitted by him since 2012. He was a lovely presence on this site and I miss him.
Peggy P. January 10, 2018
I use canned tomatoes all winter on homemade pizzas like and (And as a bonus, the high heat of the oven makes the house extra cozy when it's freezing outside!)