Our 10 Most Popular Pasta Recipes for Anytime Comfort Cravings

The ones we're making over and over (and over!) again.

January 14, 2019
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Oh, pasta. What would we do without you? You’re our last-minute workhorse, our surefire crowd-pleaser, our constant comfort companion. And, as our Food Writer & Recipe Developer Emma Laperruque is fond of saying: “I’m confident—nay, convinced—that no matter how bare your fridge and pantry, if you have a box of pasta, you have dinner.” See? You really can have it all.

But there are so many pastas to choose from! Maybe you’re a classic bolognese fan, or you favor creamy Alfredo or gnocchi stuffed with parmesan. (I’m always down to top noodles with goat cheese, myself).

There’s really no wrong way to pasta, but we wanted to help you find the best of the best: the recipes our millions of community members turn to time and time again. So we've combed through Food52's near-decade-old recipe box for the most cooked, most favorited pasta recipes ever. Check them out, and make sure to share your favorites in the comments below!

Our Best Pasta Recipes Ever

This pasta makes its own sauce, all in one pan, in 9 minutes. No wonder it took over the internet (and changed the way we think about cooking pasta).

Affordable and delicious, this simple pasta from community member Rhonda35 may or may not have inspired an intervention: “Living alone overseas while my husband was deployed with the USAF, I became a bit obsessed with this dish—to the point where my sister, Amanda, thought she might have to run an intervention! Ten years later, I’ve added to and changed this recipe to fit my own tastes.”

A five-ingredient dinner of canned chickpeas, tiny pasta shapes, garlic, tomato paste, and olive oil —that’s truly all this one takes. (Yep, no stock.) Memorize now and make forever more.

The spicy eggplant sauce in Gena Hamshaw's recipe makes enough to cover a whole pound of linguine. Feed an army, eat for days, and pack it for lunch (it reheats well, too).

Community member sdebrango introduced us to this quick dinner formula back in 2012: “Pasta of your choice (I use linguine) with ricotta and milk, plus a topping of bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, butter, and Parmigiano.” Perfetto!

The secret to Ina Garten's version of Pasta alla Vecchia Bettola? Roast perfectly fine sauce in the oven for an hour and a half, and you’ll get a concentrated, caramelized, almost-jammy masterpiece. How easy is that?

This is the kind of pasta that begs to star in a big Sunday dinner. Sure, it takes a decent amount of time to pull together, but a couple of hours simmering results a sauce with such rich, deep flavor, you’ll float on cloud nine all week long.

Also goes by the name “No Regrets Pasta.”

It took about 20 years before cdilaura finally pinned down her grandma (okay, figuratively) and made her write down the recipe that had always been made by memory and feel. We’re so thankful she did.

Martha strikes again! This time with a genius recipe for perfectly creamy baked macaroni and cheese.

What's your favorite pasta recipe of all time?

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Alma B. August 26, 2019
I often cook spaghetti pasta. It is easy to cook than other pasta, thus making cooking easy and fast. Thanks for sharing this recipes list. I prefer the best online source: for authentic Italian pasta.
Anne January 16, 2019
Just about any recipe for shrimp scampi with fresh garlic and butter, especially delicious with extra-large shrimp you thaw, peel, and saute first.
HalfPint January 14, 2019
Nigella Lawson's lemon spaghetti. It has 5 ingredients: spaghetti, egg, cream, parmesan cheese, and lemon zest. I can make this in my sleep and it always turns out delicious.