Battle Bitterly Cold Winter With These Hot & Cozy Sips

January 19, 2018

At the conclusion of a frosty commute, when my toes and fingers and ears are numb, I throw off my bulky jacket and immediately pop a large mug of water in the microwave (I'm too impatient to wait for a kettle to boil). I'm already halfway to my favorite way to warm up: a gigantic cup of fragrant, ruby rooibos. A warm drink (be it a cocktail or booze-free) first thaws my hands, but then builds a steady heat with each sip—sort of like a space heater for my insides. I'm partial to an aromatic mug of tea, but experiment with one of these 13 drinks to battle the cold.

Zero-Proof for Zero Temps

Cocktails For the *really* cold days

What are your favorite warm drinks? Do you have a thawing ritual?

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