12 Reasons to Make Salmon Your Supper Superstar

January 30, 2018

A few years back, community member Ashley Couse uploaded a salmon recipe to Food52. The preparation was simple—just roast the salmon and place it over a bed of roasted kale and sweet potatoes, laced with coconut oil and drizzled with sriracha. Couse, who administers an online wellness resource for new moms, adapted the recipe from one of Heidi Swanson’s and calls the recipe “one of [her] favorite meals to serve.”

What Couse probably didn’t expect was that thousands—thousands!—of other visitors to our site would find her recipe equally appealing. Since its upload, Couse’s recipe for Crispy Coconut Kale with Roasted Salmon and Coconut Rice has garnered over 2,000 favorites and drummed up over 100 comments, making it one of our site’s most popular recipes.

Couse’s recipe is, by all means, delicious, but there are, forgive us, other fish in the sea. We’ve got a whole slew of approaches and no shortage of new, inventive ways to treat that ruby red fish. For starters, take Sally Schneider’s Genius approach to slow-roasted salmon, and never worry about an over—or under—cooked fillet again.


Why not try your hand at a glaze or crust? These options bring an extra layer of oomph to your fish, which, though great on its own, will take well to a wide array of other flavors. Sprinkle or slather, then pop into the oven.


Try something new: Cure your fish! Once you’ve cured and flavored your salmon, serve the brunch staple atop toasts (or bagels!) with creamy spreads and punchy vegetables.

Do the Mash

Shred and pull, mash and reshape! Take your cooked salmon and reshape it into patties or stuff it into dumplings. These may not look like salmon as you know it, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try.

How do you salmon? Keep it conservative or twist it up? Let us know how you do in the comments below.

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Valerio Farris

Written by: Valerio Farris

Former staff writer at Food52. Current anchovy eater.


ustabahippie May 26, 2018
Fresh wold salmon is now $48/lb here in SF Bay area. Will be using canned for foreseeable future. :-(
ustabahippie May 26, 2018
George H. January 31, 2018
Nervous about farmed salmon.
Ttrockwood January 30, 2018
I wish you would add a note on salmon sustainability issues and options for similar fish that could be used instead of salmon. Overfishing and responsible sourcing of seafood need to be part of any recipe or listicle like this one.
Becca (. January 30, 2018
Hello! I'm sure you have professional people to handle this, but under 'Rub a dub dub" you have written "why not ry your hand" instead of try your hand.

(Full disclosure, I would now like a salmon recipe that involves rye)
inpatskitchen January 30, 2018
Here's one:
Author Comment
Valerio F. January 30, 2018
Thanks for pointing this out!