14 Gold-Medal Snacks for Your Opening Ceremony Watch Party

February  8, 2018

Yes, competing in the Olympics requires strength, endurance, and discipline. But watching the Olympics is its own kind of exercise—the hours spent glued to the screen, following a roller coaster of excitement, as athletes claim victory, and heartbreak, when they tumble in defeat. Yet it’s a challenge we fans gladly rise to, and it all begins again tomorrow with the Opening Ceremony.

If you’re planning on watching the 2018 Games kick off with a crowd, you’ll want a spread fit for Olympic gold. Go for creamy queso, tangy lemon bars, or speedy puffs. Here, we’ve gathered 14 golden snacks (both sweet and savory) that are fit for your team of armchair athletes.

Fuel Up On Dip

Savory bites to battle stress

Celebrate Sweet Victories

What’s your favorite Olympic event? Any gold-medal snacks to go with it? Share in the comments!

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