12 Sweet Valentines for Coworkers (or Classmates!)

February  9, 2018

Confession: I went to a small, all-girl Catholic school for 13 years. And despite graduating almost a decade ago, I still remember the excitement of Valentine’s Day. The week before, we’d gather in our auditorium, pull a classmate’s name out of a bowl, and decorate brown paper bags with glitter, magazine cutouts, and drawings for whomever we selected. The bags would go on the front of our lockers, and warm-fuzzies (that is, valentines) would go inside. On the actual day, we brought candy and treats to share with everyone. It was Galentine’s Day before Parks and Recreation made it a thing.

I miss those sugar-filled celebrations, but I’m thankful I grew up seeing Valentine’s Day as a moment to celebrate friendship. I still like to bring a small treat or two for my coworkers on February 14th—here are 12 cookies, bars, and treats, if you’d like to spread the love, too.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day growing up? Do you share little notes now?

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