Our 13 Best Salads—Because Every Thanksgiving Needs a Salad

Balance out your feast.

November 12, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

We might associate Thanksgiving with comforting, creamy green bean casseroles, mountains of mashed potatoes, and turkey smothered in gravy. (Not to mention slices of both pumpkin and apple pie.) And those are all well and good—but the very best Thanksgiving tables have something leafy or green to balance out our plates.

And it doesn’t just need to be a pile of lettuce. Your Thanksgiving salad can come in all shades and shapes: shaved Brussels sprouts, roasted fennel, tart green apples. Here, I’ve combed through our salad selection and picked out 13 of my favorites to add to your feast.

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Winifred R. November 12, 2018
Personally I like a salad of mixed greens including lettuce and some crunchier autumnal ones, apples, nuts, and thinly sliced onions or shallots. Dress with a home made vinaigrette of what seems right (cider vinegar? balsamic? your choice), maple syrup to moderate the tartness if needed, dijon style mustard, and nut oil. And I've actually caught the devil from one holiday guest for not planning mashed potatoes but including a salad. For heavens sake, I did the cooking!