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22 Gifts So Good, You Might Want to Keep Them for Yourself

Perfect presents for every last person on your list.

November 23, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

What kind of shopper are you? The prepared type, with lists and Excel spreadsheets mapped out months ahead of the holiday season? The last-minute type, flitting from store to store while trying your best to dodge the mobs? Or are you, like me, the ooh!-one-for-you-and-one-for-me type, unable to resist when you come upon a find so good, you just HAVE to pick one up, too?

Whatever camp you fall in, you'll still have to make some choices—and when that time comes, we've got your back. Whether you're thinking up thoughtful gifts for the nearest and dearest in your life (or even those who are...not as close), we've got spot-on presents for every last person on your list.

Scroll through for some of our favorite Shop picks from The Great Gift List—and don't be surprised if you find yourself adding multiples of certain items to your cart.

For the Food-Project-Every-Weekend BFF

An easy route to the perfect pie crust (just make sure they save you a slice!).

For the One Who Swears They're Going to Meal Prep

A world of batch-made grains, beans, and roasted vegetables awaits! (Here's a handy guide to get them started.)

For Your Potluck-Loving Neighbor

Lasagna never looked more chic—or safe!—in transit.

For Outdoorsy Types

Also good for indoor use, if we're being honest.

For Your Book (& Wine) Club Gang

When someone brings a bottle of un-chilled Viognier and there's no time to waste.

For the Non-Drinkers

Two flavorful non-alcoholic spirits, ready for tonic and entertaining at home.

For Your Friend with the Sweet Tooth

The one-stop baking book to end all baking books.

For the One That's Always on the Go

A Food52 staff favorite, this tumbler is the perfect size for the caffeinated commuter in your life.

For the Santa Believer

Keep the spirit of the holidays alive with this charming incense smoker.

For the Laundry Lover

People are obsessed with these cutie dryer balls, and you'll soon see why. Static, begone!

For the Cheese Connoisseur

Doesn't every cheese deserve its own little house?

For the Friend Who Needs to Chillax

This will kill at least a few hours.

For the Frequent Fliers

Help make their travel a little more enjoyable during the busiest season of the year.

For the Kids (& the Kids at Heart)

These neat blocks will please the builders-to-be and aspirational architects among us.

For Those Who Deserve a Little Something Year-Round

A fragrant, welcoming gift that keeps on giving.

For Anyone Who Loves Pretty Things

< Adds another set to the cart for herself. >

For The Food-Loving Cinephile

Throw in a bag of kernels while you're at it!

For the Forager

Invite yourself over for some risotto in a few months' time.

For the Coq au Vin Fan

A true keeper, at $99! (See what I mean by getting one for yourself, too?)

For the Newbie Cook

They'll never encounter stuck-on egg, ever again.

For One Lucky White Elephant Recipient

Butter keepers are, quite possibly, the hottest commodity at Food52 HQ.

For the Impossible to Shop for

If you're stuck on an especially challenging recipient, put the power in their hands and let them have their pick!

What special gifts are you on the hunt for this holiday? Let us know below!

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Dottie S. December 8, 2018
Yes... I would like to know about the branch as well. :0)
Hana A. December 10, 2018
Hi Dottie,

Do you mean the mobile branch in the lead image for this post? If so, that is actually one of our favorite props here at Food52 HQ, and unfortunately, not for sale. :) Thanks for reading!
Sandy December 2, 2018
WHERE can I get the branch shown at the beginning of this piece -- advertising the mini lights??
Hana A. December 10, 2018
Hi Sandy,

Do you mean the mobile branch in the lead image for this post? If so, that is actually one of our favorite props here at Food52 HQ, and unfortunately, not for sale. :) Thanks for reading!