12 Great Under-$30 Gifts We Can't Live Without

Perfect picks in the $10, $20, and $30 range.

December  6, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

Take a quick look at your calendar, folks. If you're shocked that it's already December—yep! we're knee-deep into holiday gifting season—don't fret. There's still plenty of time to get going on finding special treats for everyone on your list. (Be sure to check out our favorite Shop picks from The Great Gift List, to start.)

I realize, too, that there may be a lot of loved ones on said list, so a range of thoughtful gift ideas that won't put a total strain on the wallet is also a welcome idea. Take a look at some of my go-to inexpensive presents in the under-$30ish range—pieces that I happily stand behind year-round. The best gift is one you'd likely get for yourself, and for me, any of these picks totally checks that box.

$10 or Less

Top (l-r): Lapcos | Baggu; bottom (l-r): Flint | Uniqlo
  • Korean beauty is still hot, and according to skincare buffs in-the-know, Lapcos Metallic Hand Cream, $9, is great for parched hands that spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  • Baggu's cheerful bags ($10 each) come in so many fun patterns and colors, as well as in solid shades. Encourage others to ditch the plastic bags and keep a few reusable ones nearby at all times.

  • Is it possible to fall in love with a portable lint roller? Flint Lint Roller, $10, will show you that yes, yes it is.

  • Uniqlo's signature Heattech line has a little something for just about everyone I know. Trusty lightweight layers that will help keep everyone warm this winter start at just $10.

$20 or Less

Top (l-r): Joshua Tree Coffee | CJW; bottom (l-r): Pinch Provisions | East Fork
  • I discovered Joshua Tree Coffee, $14/bag, while staying over at a friend's place in L.A.. Not sure if it was the vacation coffee talking, but these organic beans brew a damn good cup!

  • I'm a big fan of cute phone cases and this cheeky fruit and veggie case from CJW, $15, caught my eye (morels, duh).

  • If you know someone who needs to be prepared for every possible hole, tear, or snag, get them this Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit, $18, and you'll be giving them portable peace of mind.

  • East Fork Pottery founder Alex Matisse is the great-grandson of Henri Matisse and the step-grandson of Marcel Duchamp, so one could say he has a discerning eye for detail. This horn comb, $20, is a gentle reminder that good things come in sweet little packages.

$30 or Less

Top (l-r): Bookbinders | Muji; bottom (l-r): Keepsake | PureSpa
  • When I visit my husband's family in Stockholm, I make a beeline to NK/Nordiska Kompaniet, one of the city's preeminent department stores. In the lower level is my favorite shop, Bookbinders, a modern and minimal stationery brand. I'm eyeing this 2019 diary, $25, for a cool, understated way to start the new year.

  • Give the gift of perfect loungewear with one of my favorites, Muji's organic cotton lounge pants, $29.

  • Do you ever wonder what you'll do with the thousands of photos you have hanging around in your phone? Keepsake must have read my mind. Affordable framed photos of your most memorable Instagrams start at $29. (The perfect gift for parents and grandparents!)

  • If you want to gift a little bit of calm and serenity, look no further: More than 3,100 5-star reviews sing praises of the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser, $30.

A Bit More $ (but Still So Good!)

Top (l-r): Tooletries | Everlane; bottom (l-r): Anker | Maman

Okay, so these are technically out of our under-$30 zone. But these cost just a little bit more and are too good not to gift (or snap up for yourself)!

  • I'm constantly on the hunt for good toiletry bags and this Tooletries Koby Bag, $35, is made of a slick Neoprene-esque material that's a breeze to clean.

  • Keep everyone's noggins warm with a soft, go-with-everything Everlane Soft Wool Rib Beanie, $35.

  • File this under: Gifts everyone needs, but don't realize they do. The Anker PowerCore battery, $35, is a well-reviewed credit card-sized charger that won't leave you stranded without juice.

  • Maman's Nutty Chocolate Cookies, $40/dozen, are one of my absolute favorites in New York (and hey, they're beloved by Oprah, too!). They're now available for delivery and I'm all over that, both for myself and loved ones living outside of N.Y.C.

Which of these gifts will you be scooping up this holiday? Let us know below!

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Megan G. December 6, 2018
The airbnb I stayed in in Joshua Tree had that Joshua Tree Coffee and my friends and I were obsessed! We scoped out the coffee shop so we could buy bags of it to bring home with us!
Author Comment
Hana A. December 10, 2018
Ah, that epic road trip! What a way to cap off that gorgeous time with this amazing coffee. So grateful they ship. :)