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April 27, 2020
Photo by James Ransom

Now more than ever, home is where many of us are seeking refuge and solace in light of the novel coronavirus. This is a tough time, but we’re here for you—whether it’s a new pantry recipe or a useful tip for your kitchen, here are some ideas to make things run a little more smoothly for you and your loved ones.

As we all hunker down at home, the Food52 community has been cooking up a storm—in between conference calls and (sometimes!) in our most comfortable T-shirts and sweatpants. Below are some videos to share what we’ve been making in our own kitchens during this time. And as always, share with us what you’re cooking on Instagram with the hashtag #f52community.

To start us off, our Genius columnist, Kristen Miglore, made Asparagus with Lemon-Pepper Marinade, from Bryant Terry's new cookbook.

Kristen also dished up the crispiest, cheesiest pan pizza, also known as King Arthur Flour's 2020 Recipe of the Year. Yes, the one with the "crispy edges of Detroit-style (or, yes, Pizza Hut-style), the fluff of focaccia, and the sauce-atop-cheese inversion of Chicago deep-dish."

Speaking of baking, our co-founder Amanda Hesser picked only the most salty, warm, addictive bread we ever met. We were first introduced to Kindred's Milk Bread and its glistening muffin-like top a few years ago, at our dinner table at Kindred Restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina, and its been a staff favorite ever since.

Also watch Amanda give pork chops the brown sugar treatment (Thanks for the recipe, Emma!), which helps them caramelize in the pan, creating a dark, lacquered crust. Mmmmm.

Food Editor Emma Laperruque shared some tips on giving end-of-life foods, well, a new life. There's the tried-and-true loaf for mushy bananas, but also few non-recipe recipes: How to make crème fraîche from buttermilk and heavy cream dregs, pesto from any greens (at any state), and longer-lasting blanched greens.

Emma is also using up leftover red wine (from a dinner past) to make Phyllis Grant's Short Ribs in Red Wine and Vanilla. "Yum, I wish you could smell it," she says as she makes the marinade. (Same, Emma, same!) As Grant says, you can "shred the ribs before serving, but you can also garnish them and serve them whole, right out of the oven—or you can remove the ribs, skim the fat from the sauce, season it, and place the the ribs back in the pot whole. It's up to you."

Social Media Coordinator Max McDonough made Ella Quittner's swoon-worthy Spaghetti Aglio E Olio E Salsiccia. What makes them so dreamy and creamy, you ask? You start the noodles in cold water. Trust.

Max also made the coffee that's recently exploded all over the internet...Dalgona coffee. He can now confirm it's actually super easy to make, and also looks really pretty. "I need that kind of beauty in my life right now," he says.

Managing Editor Brinda Ayer made Chitra Agrawal’s Coconut Dal With Turmeric Rice. "It's super pantry-friendly," she says, "which I'm sure is how many of you are cooking right now. I know that's how I'm cooking."

Our co-founder Merrill Stubbs made these Dry-Rubbed Chicken Wings With Barbecue Sauce. Because of the overnight dry-brine and -rub, the wings get thoroughly seasoned inside-out, and might not even—gasp—need sauce.

Merrill also made Sam Sifton's Middle School Tacos, simply, deliciously topped with grated cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Happen to have half a head of cauliflower in your crisper? Go the big-little route with Hard Shell Cauliflower Tacos.

Do we happen to have the recipe for the best pan-roasted potatoes? Yes, yes, and yes. And all it takes is potatoes, olive oil, and salt. Oh, and plenty of patience and restraint—no peeking while it's getting done. Merrill managed—but only just.

Merrill again with Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce With Onion & Butter

Amanda also made Mark Bittman's Stuck Pot Rice With Yogurt and Spices with her daughter, Addison. Parboiled rice gets mixed with yogurt, curry powder, and lime juice, then added back into the pan to steam until—you guessed it—stuck. The whole shebang gets flipped out—either one piece or not.

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Top Comment:
“Again, thank you for your support and showing us your own home cooking!! Stay well every one!”
— KR

"Don't despair because you can just fix it up anyhow," Amanda said post-flip, feathers unruffled, breaking up the craggly, crispy bits to fold into the rice.

Amanda again—this time, whipping up a comforting pot of chicken congee.

Another weeknight workhorse from Account Manager Mollie Doherty: First Night in Florence Bucatini.

Associate Editor Erin Alexander made (drumroll) our best Margaritas!

Amanda made one of her favorite pantry meals, Victoria Granof's Pasta con Ceci.

What would you like to see us cook (or bake!) next? Let us know in the comments below.

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tsrobin June 28, 2020
Can you talk about the different olive oils you have and what you use them for? I see my favorite blue floral can.
Esvee June 21, 2020
This is a great article, and I’m sorry to be negative, but hasn’t this been here for months now? I’d live to hear what your cooking now, at the end of June! Thanks for all you do <3
Esvee June 21, 2020
AdventureGirl June 21, 2020
check out the links on FB, YouTube or Instagram. There are a ton of videos and posts of what their currently cooking
suzy P. June 20, 2020
It's hard to stay with the content when every other sentence has a huge video ad saying the same thing, over and over.
ymar June 18, 2020
Hi. What happened to that totally life-changing beef chili recipe with gochujang and beer, butternut squash and black beans. It had a pretty long list of mole-like ingredients (that I can never recreate from memory) and I can no longer find on your site? I have all the ingredients and I’m heartbroken.
AdventureGirl June 18, 2020
might this recipe be what you're looking for?
ymar June 19, 2020
Yessss!! Woohoo! I can’t imagine why my searches failed but you’ve responded just in time. I have the short ribs all browned and intended to find some other (less thrilling) recipe tomorrow. Thanks a million!
Katherine M. June 11, 2020
Hi you posted a video on Facebook earlier this week (I think) of a kofta curry dish a lovely woman was cooking with her daughter. I bought the ingredients and now I can't find the video. :-( help!
Ron O. April 22, 2020
I loved this recipe!! The second time I made it, I added about 1/2 cup of sun-dried tomatoes. I think it really enhanced the dish!!
Heather B. April 20, 2020
I’d love to see you make Pastel de Nata - those delicious Portuguese custard tarts.

Really loving the variety on your web-site, and the help your staff give. Increasingly, during lockdown, I am studying, nay devouring, every article.
AdventureGirl April 20, 2020
Great suggestion!!! Me too! Me too! My hubby's favorite and I've never made them. Would love a video!
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
Thanks so much for your note! And we'll try to get a Pastel de Nata video made!
KR April 3, 2020
Thank you, lovely people, for your videos & recipes!
I live alone, and would *LOVELOVELOVE* to have some recipes for one or two people. I seem to make everything geared toward two dinner portions plus 2 lunches! I consider this a genetic trait, as my Mom did this. As a consequence, my little fridge freezer is kinda full... which is a great "problem" to have, for sure.
I have some food restrictions (no onions, garlic, beef, or pork) so recipes that allow some flexibility to either drop or substitute these ingredients and still work would be so helpful....
Thanks to suggestions from your team, I found a big pkg of active yeast, various types of flour & I'm actually quite well stocked and have access to two grocery stores as well as smaller markets, so can get perishables easily.
Again, thank you for your support and showing us your own home cooking!! Stay well every one!
KR April 3, 2020
(also, I've been self-isolating for about 2 weeks already and have eaten each and every snack that I had or shopped for!)
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
Thanks, KR -- we will keep this in mind.
boulangere May 8, 2020
KR, I write a blog at for people just like you and me.
KR May 15, 2020
Thanks! Sorry for the late reply; I just checked back today, and realized that I must have turned notifications off.
I know that my diet requirements are not that common, and I'm getting better at finding substitutions. (such as celery or fennel chopped to equal the bulk of onion, for example)....
And as much as the idea of sheltering in place with family makes me wistful, I'm sure that some families/units are on their very, very last nerve by now.
I check the blog daily and bookmark lots of wonderful-sounding recipes, planning for the days when I can gather with friend.
Thanks to you and the great Food52 team!
KR May 15, 2020
Thanks, boulangere, for the tip! I just dipped into the blog! Very exciting! Take care!
gandalf June 4, 2020
I looked at your blog using the address that you gave above, but the most recent entry was 2017. Is there some link that gets me to more recent entries? Thanks!
Joeyia April 2, 2020
I’m so happy you are changing featured recipes often..So much verity. I’m preferring to checkIng Food52 before FB, or the news! Good way to plan my day
Thank you Team Food52.
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
Thanks for letting us know, Joeyia!
gandalf March 30, 2020
The videos on Food52 are always entertaining and useful, although they sometimes veer off into "food porn" (but I keep watching, yes I do!). I especially enjoyed the ones in this article, because with everybody in tee-shirts, jeans, house slippers, and other casual wear, plus wearing the occasional harried/desperate expression, they more accurately present what goes on in a real home kitchen -- at least in mine.

Keep up the great work!
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
Thanks so much, gandalf!
Miss_Karen March 29, 2020
I would love to see how to make a pork Wellington (WITHOUT mushrooms.) How is it done so that the bottom doesn't get soggy?
Valerie G. March 28, 2020
Healthy vegetarian meals while under quarantine (limited fresh vegetables, not able to go to the store for missing ingredients, satisfying)
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
We just posted a video using a bunch of vegetables to make 2 dinners (cook once, eat twice) -- it's on our IGTV.
Barry March 27, 2020
TIP: To prevent the vanilla extract cap from sticking, wipe the mouth of the bottle with a towel after each use, ie, before placing the cap back on. Works like a charm. :)
judy April 14, 2020
I'm a relatively old lady. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I finally figured this out about 2 years ago. AFTER 50+ years of baking. some of take a while to figure things out!
Amanda H. April 26, 2020
Thank you!
Kim April 30, 2020
Do this with your bottles of alcohol too, especially liqueurs. Not that anyone is drinking at this time...😉
AdventureGirl March 24, 2020
Caught this video on Instagram. Loved it. I've always banged the cookies onto the oven rack, so was surprised that the banging was on the counter. It was fun to watch another person make cookies that I love to bake. Thank you!!
Amanda H. March 25, 2020
Thanks for watching -- and wish I had an explanation for why I chose the counter! :)
AntoniaJames March 26, 2020
Speaking of cookies, here's a short, only-in-these-times tale. I was in the grocery store, walking down a sad baking aisle sporting only a few lonely tubes of almond paste on a bottom shelf, and an even lonelier single container of cornstarch on a top shelf a few yards away . . . . . The store staff had just wheeled down the aisle a cart with about a dozen smallish cardboard boxes on it. As she started to open one, the employee asked me and the man standing next to me if there was anything in particular we were looking for. He replied, "Do you have any brown sugar?" "Let's see," she said. "Well, yes, we do!" She ripped open the box and handed us each a bag, at which point the man responded - joyfully!! - "Oh, thank you. I'm so happy! At last! We can have chocolate chip cookies!" I will never forget that. ;o)
mdelgatty April 25, 2020
What cookies?
AntoniaJames April 28, 2020
When this was first posted, it included a video of someone making cookies . . . . .;o)