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24 Fruit Pies to Make Before Summer Is Over

From peaches to blueberries, these pies are perfect for using up all that summer fruit.

August 18, 2023
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To us, August means one thing: It’s time to use up all that summer produce. Whether it’s piles of zucchini, all shapes of heirloom tomatoes, or candy-sweet corn, it’s undeniable that fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now. Fruit, especially, shines in August, when berries and stone fruits have taken over farmers markets and grocery stores’ produce aisles alike.

Aside from eating it plain (which, we admit, is hard to beat), the best way to eat all this in-season fruit is to bake it in a pie. From traditional, lattice-topped versions made with all-butter crusts to easygoing galettes, you can’t go wrong with the combination of sweet-tart fruit and flaky pastry. To get you started, we’ve gathered 24 of our all-time favorite fruit pie recipes that are perfect for these final weeks of summer.

Strawberry Pies

When used as a pie filling, sweet strawberries are often paired with tart rhubarb. It’s a classic combination for a reason (hint: it’s delicious), but plain strawberries are also a stellar pie filling in their own right. Try both, and see which you prefer.

Peach Pies

Sweet, juicy, and delicately floral, peaches—and peach pies—are a perfect mid- and late-summer treat. Though these variations all contain the distinctly fuzzy stone fruit, they couldn’t be more different. From traditional (like the crumb-topped Third Generation Peach Pie) to the inventive (Maurizio Leo’s Sourdough Galette With Peaches & Blueberries, for example), we have you covered.

Cherry Pies

They might be a symbol of classic Americana cooking, but these cherry pies are far from the Twin Peaks-style diner slices you’re used to. Whether it features a layer of chocolate on the bottom or a healthy pour of amaretto in the filling, these cherry pies are destined to be new classics.

Citrus Pies

We know summer isn’t technically citrus season, but is there really a better time of year for the bright, refreshing flavors of lemon and lime? We don’t think so, and we’d say these four recipes are proof.

Blackberry Pies

Blackberries take well to unexpected flavor pairings. From nuts (like hazelnut or pistachio) to a goat-cheese-based pastry, these berries can stand up to other bold ingredients, resulting in a more complex, deeply flavored pie.

Blueberry Pies

In-season blueberries don’t even need to be cooked to make a superb pie filling. If you don’t believe us, just try Rose Levy Beranbaum's Fresh Open-Faced Blueberry Pie, where the juicy fruit is just as satisfying as any jammy, baked filling.

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luvcookbooks August 25, 2023
Raspberry rhubarb is such a delicious combo.