Hotline Roundup: Melissa Clark's Office Hours

March 30, 2012

Yesterday's Office Hours with Melissa Clark was a great time -- questions poured in for Melissa from the Hotline and Twitter alike on a wide variety of topics. We've collected some of the best below (you can see all of them here).

Do you have a response to any of the questions? Join in the conversation on the Hotline!

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From Twitter user @RachelGaffney, Q: "Do you have tips for whipping cream? Since I moved here, I find it collapses quickly."

A: You know what works great for a more stable whipped cream? Adding either a little mascarpone or creme fraiche. They act as stablizers. Also buy the highest fat cream you can find, the more fat, the more stable.

(Just like Nancy Silverton's genius recipe!)

And another Genius reference, this time from FOOD52er AntoniaJames, Q: "What are some great ways to use leftover duck leg meat from your (truly) Genius Really Easy Duck Confit?"

A: Duck tacos! I buy corn tortillas and then make salsa, slice up an avocado, and roll it all up with the duck meat, it's so great. We are also big on duck sandwiches here. I slather the bread with spicy mango pickle and lettuce, then layer on the duck. The spicy pickle really cuts the richness of the meat. You could also toss it into salad though I'd warm the duck meat first and use it with sturdy greens such as chicory.

Then there were the more pragmatic questions -- Brette asked about Melissa's essential cooking tools, Twitter user @TheDoughEater asked for her tips on keeping the kitchen clean while cooking, and Amanda asked her to explain her recipe development process.

Our favorite "process" question was from Twitter user @mcs3000, Q: "please share your recipe-writing tips. Yours are the gold standard."

A: Try to imagine telling someone who doesn't cook very often how to make the dish. Be thorough without talking down to people. And make sure you order your steps in the most efficient way possible.

It's advice we'll be taking to heart in our recipes.

Check out the Hotline for the rest of Melissa's answers -- you'll find questions on non-stick pans, Passover meals, favorite spices, and more. Thanks, Melissa!

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CambCook-Lee April 9, 2012
Nozlee - Nice going. This is really helpful for those of us unable to listen in realtime. I hope you (or someone there) publishes similar summaries for future hotlines. Well organized and love the links. Great job.