Apples to Apples: 10 Apple Recipes for Fall

October  5, 2012


Kaesmene B. September 26, 2013
It's lunch time and I wish I had that salad! I've also been using recipes from An Apple Harvest by Browning and Silva. (I wrote about it here if you're curious:
Foodelf October 7, 2012
The Apple Lady's Apple Cake is THE BEST! I make it annually when the new apple crop is abundant. Similarly, Patricia Wells' Winemakers' Grape Cake is terrific, too. <br /> <br />Thanks for reminding me, Sarag - it's time for Apple Cake!
NeoHomesteading October 6, 2012
It may seem a little boring but homemade applesauce is probably the most important apple dish I prepare. I do cakes, pies and apple butter but the smell of fresh sauce cooking puts me back to childhood. I really enjoy sharing the tradition with my kids, and it is better than anything on a store shelf by far! <br /> <br />
Sarag October 6, 2012
Our go-to apple recipe is from Patricia Wells' Paris Cookbook: The Apple Lady's Apple Cake. We make it gluten-free and it is divine.