Editors' Picks -- Week 39

March 18, 2010


Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm. We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). Click here for more details on how our community-tested Editors' Picks system works.




And while we can't exactly submit Cheap Homemade Dogfood for testing, due to dogs' notorious lack of discernment when it comes to food, we would be remiss if we didn't give it a separate shout-out (woof-out?). Great recipe!

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We've also added some incentives to reward your hard work and make things interesting. The three people who test the most Editors' Picks candidates by June 1, 2010 will be entered in a drawing to win one of these fabulous prizes:

  • 1. A weekend stay on a small-scale working family farm with Feather Down Farm Days
  • 2. A snazzy food52 tote from L.L. Bean
  • 3. Three selections from Rick's Picks' line of delicious pickled goods


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Amanda H. March 21, 2010
Hey everyone -- let us know how this testing system is working out. You love it? Hate it? We'd love to hear your thoughts on how to improve it.
aargersi March 21, 2010
Hola! Posting while my lamb cooks! I love testing the recipes, it gets me out of my normal food habits and so far the ones I have tested have been REALLY good, as in, put on the regular rotation good ... maybe some specific guidelines (or a list of things to consider) for what you are looking for so we non-food writers know what questions to answer? And a thesaurus :-)
Kelsey B. March 21, 2010
It seems great, my only thought is that we know when the lists will be posted on Friday or something like that? I seem to be checking in way too late and everything has been snapped up before I have a chance to puruse. Of course, part of it is my fault, I am just not on the computer during the day except for mid-afternoon and after 8pm. But I do have my blackberry and could login through that during the daytime.
aargersi makes a good point; I'd love to know a little more about what makes a good Editor's Pick, so I can look for those qualities - but perhaps "super-tasty" and "well-written" is enough, no need to overthink. In the notes I submitted, I tried to leave out opinion and include description that I thought would let others know whether or not they would want to cook it. The whole thing was fun!
Merrill S. March 22, 2010
Kelsey, we're going to try our best to post the list on Thursday afternoons, as soon as possible after the finalists go up. As for testing guidelines, we're basically looking for a mix of all of the things you're already thinking about. Does it work properly, without needing many alterations? Would you make it again? Do you think it's a noteworthy recipe, whether because of originality or sheer taste appeal, or both? Hopefully that helps.
CatherineTornow March 19, 2010
Grill Roasted Meat Loaf is calling my name. Amanda + Merrill, is this still a fair grab? I'm all over it.
Merrill S. March 19, 2010
Yup, it's yours!
dymnyno March 18, 2010
Is there anything left...I will take whatever (they all sound good) ?? I will be on the road again next week....Houston, Austin and Dallas...
testkitchenette March 18, 2010
Is the Food52 tote available for purchase also?
Merrill S. March 22, 2010
It's not currently, but if there's enough demand, we might reconsider!
Kelsey B. March 18, 2010
Nuts - am too late. Guarantee I'll be first in line next week for the Italian desserts though... :)
Teri March 18, 2010
I'll take Mrs. Wheelbarrow's!
Amber O. March 18, 2010
I'll take the Spinach Triangles that MrsWheelbarrow threw back in since I don't see anyone else's dibs yet!
Amber O. March 18, 2010
These are actually the Spinach Tarts, not triangles.
mrslarkin March 18, 2010
Thanks for the update! I'll pass. Will definitely try to be the early bird next week for some risotto and/or Italian desserts!
MrsWheelbarrow March 18, 2010
I'll be happy to hand back the spinach triangles. I'll be making them (have a party early next week they'll be heavenly!) but please, someone else should review!
testkitchenette March 18, 2010
Rats, did I get to this too late to test anything?
mrslarkin March 18, 2010
anything left??
Food52 March 18, 2010
Grill-Roasted Meatloaf is still up for grabs! It looks very promising, if you have the grill and the weather on your side. Or you could wrest one of the two recipes MrsWheelbarrow claimed and we might look the other way.
coffeefoodwrite March 18, 2010
I'll take the chicken meatloaf with tomato-balsamic glaze! looks great!
AntoniaJames March 18, 2010
Okay, this is a real stretch for me . . . sourcing venison + buying a can of Coke, but I'll take the Meatloaf to Come Home For . . . . . really like the idea of cooking meatloaf in a skillet!!
drbabs March 18, 2010
I'll take Mom's Italian Style Meatloaf, please.
lechef March 18, 2010
I'll go for the Japanese Panko-Crusted meatloaf! Sounds crazy enough to work!
cheese1227 March 18, 2010
I will take the spicy turkey meatloaf.
mariaraynal March 18, 2010
I'll take the Dinner Party Meatloaf, please.
Loves F. March 18, 2010
I'll take the Sneaky Spinach Shrooms and Bowties!
Loves F. March 18, 2010
Ha, by the way... I wrote this in a frantic rush, litterally imagining myself yelling it as I was trying to beat out other bidders! =)
Culinista A. March 18, 2010
Where do we see the final editor's pick list from last week?
Food52 March 18, 2010
Here they are!
I'll take Mustard Spaetzle with Sauteed Spinach, Sweet Onions and Shitake Mushrooms - I'll have to rig up a spaetzle-maker with 1/4" holes, but I'm up to the challenge!
Food52 March 18, 2010
Actually, we've already tested that recipe, so it's a done deal! If you do make it, feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section of the recipe. Are there any other Editors' Pick Candidates you'd like to test?
Sure - how about Horseradish Meatloaf?
Food52 March 18, 2010