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10 Drinks for Any Party

December 24, 2013

For every kind of party, there is a drink to match it. This is especially convenient around the holidays when parties occur every day, and when you're getting a little sick of red wine staining your teeth. Plus, everyone loves a good mixed drink, and it requires just a few things: your boozy essentials, a cocktail shaker, and some fresh ice. Having coworkers over?  Make a bubbly Manhattan. In-laws dropping by? Offer them a Champagne Cocktail. College roommates having a reunion?  Make a big batch of Brown Butter Spiced Ale.  The list goes on, the parties go on, and the fun never stops. 

Margarita by Erika Kotite

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Holiday Milk Punch by Erika Kotite


Red Sangria by Kenzi Wilbur 


Brown Butter Spiced Ale by sdebrango


Bubbly Manhattan by Collin


Apple Blow Fizz by Erik Lombardo


Martini by Erika Kotite


Eggnog by Erik Lombardo


Champagne Cocktail by Erika Kotite


Rum Punch by Erik Lombardo


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