8 Game Day Drinks to Serve a Crowd

January 31, 2014

Drinks on game day need to fill 3 criteria: they have to be fuss-free, they need to taste milion-dollar-commercial good and there has to be enough of it to fill a big bowl. These drinks fit the bill -- with no fancy garnishes, no muddling of out of season berries, and ingredients that are happily doubled, tripled (or quadrupled). All you need is a festive ladle, some ice, and your best game face. 

Gingered Lemon Punch by inpatskitchen 

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Horseradish Vodka Bloody Mary by NWB 


Crimson Bulleit Punch by Oui, Chef 


Dark 'n Stormy by Amanda Hesser 


Bumble Brown Punch by Dessert's On Me 


Moscow Mule by Amanda Hesser


Rum Punch by Erik Lombardo 


Brown Butter Spiced Ale by sdebrango


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