What white wine would you serve with this? My Thanksgiving sides will be fairly standard. Using a brand new feature here, you can click on my pro...

...file and then on the link to the left for "Thanksgiving Menu" to see the whole menu (as envisioned now). Thanks, everyone! ;o

Recipe question for: Tuscan Turkey Roulade


fredcipes November 8, 2012
Gewurztraminer makes a great turkey wine.
CHeeb November 8, 2012
Prosecco , anyone???
sdebrango November 7, 2012
I always serve a nice white but my favorite with turkey is Lambrusco Rosso, it's not a heavy red, sparkling, light and just the right balance for a pretty heavy meal. No one really drinks white wine in my family and my favorite wine merchant told be to try the Lambrusco and I was hooked, I serve it every year now.
AntoniaJames November 7, 2012
Thanks, everyone! And for the record, a new Beaujolais will also be flowing. We have one person though who doesn't care much for red wine; thus my interest in finding a good white. ;o)
lloreen November 7, 2012
your menu looks fabulous! I think a dry Riesling is great with turkey and all the sweet favors of the sides.. Maybe something sparkling to begin...
gingerroot November 7, 2012
I've never had it with turkey, but my go-to favorite food friendly white is a Rousanne from Zaca Mesa. It pairs deliciously with everything from slightly spicy asian food to steak with a bold chimichurri. It runs about $25. http://www.zacamesa.com/our_wines/Roussanne
HalfPint November 6, 2012
If you have your heart set on a white wine, a pino grigio would work. I like Santa Margherita. I use to get it from Costco for ~$15.
HalfPint November 6, 2012
Since we made and ate this at a B&B in Tuscany, we had it with a Chianti. Not sure what label. I'm guessing that Giullietta got it from one of her neighbors with a vineyard. You can't go wrong with anything that that is labeled 'Chianti Classico Riserva'. They run about $25-$50 a bottle, not cheap, but not heart-stopping either. I've read that 2009 was an excellent year.
Summer O. November 6, 2012
I would do a non-oaky American Chardonnay.
ChezHenry November 6, 2012
Chassagne Montrachet if you have the money. To be honest I would choose an Oregon Pinot Noir as it is Thanksgiving and perhaps we should keep it "American," but I see that you are interested in White Wines.
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