Golden Balsamic Vinegar? What is this? Can I use regular balsamic vinegar?



indieculinary June 29, 2013
Hi-- I'm the recipe author. Golden and white balsamic can be used interchangeably. As others have mentioned above, the main difference if you choose to use standard balsamic is that the color of the cake will be affected. As far as the baking chemistry of the cake, though, it should turn out fine! -Michelle (indieculinary)
chez_mere June 29, 2013
Great, thanks for the info! Always good to have another bit of vinegar knowledge up my sleeve.
PazzoNico May 12, 2013
***if you *don't* mind the color
PazzoNico May 12, 2013
The flavor difference is very slight. White balsamic differs in how it is made; a mixture of white grape must and white wine vinegar. It's also not cooked as much as regular balsamic so the grapes don't develop too much color. Because of this, regular balsamic is a *touch* sweeter and sometimes thicker in consistency. And another noticeable difference is the color. Balsamic will color everything it touches while white balsamic will remain neutral.
Short answer: Yes, I'm sure you can use regular if you mind the color.
drbabs May 12, 2013
I found golden balsamic vinegar in the vinegar section of my regular grocery store. I liked the cake a lot, but I actually think I might have preferred the taste of regular balsamic vinegar (You don't have to use the most expensive stuff)--it's a little sweeter.

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petitbleu May 11, 2013
I'm assuming golden balsamic is the same as white balsamic, which you can find at many of those little olive oil shops sprouting up all over the place. I'm going to venture to say that yes, you can use regular balsamic. The flavor (and color) will be a little different, but not at all in a bad way.
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