Can I make these the night before? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Sascha
  • December 2, 2015
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Deviled Eggs, Purgatory Edition
Recipe question for: Deviled Eggs, Purgatory Edition

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702551 December 2, 2015
You can do steps 1-2 the night before. Once you fill the eggs with the yolk filling, the clock starts ticking and in time, the yolk filling will develop a crust from drying out by the air.

I see this occasionally when I have deviled eggs at a football tailgate, potluck, housewarming cocktail reception, etc.

You may be able to mitigate this a bit by storing in airtight containers and refrigerating, but they won't be the same as piping the filling fresh shortly before serving.

It's really your call whether or not based on your own personal expectations of what you want to serve to your guests. Some people are fine doing this.

Me, I'd rather do this right before serving, or find someone to help.

Good luck.
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