Clarifying question: as I read the recipe, the brisket is uncovered for the first three hours in the oven. Is that correct? Thank you.



Nancy December 24, 2017
Maybe Valerio will see this & respond. Or, if he's already on holidays, here are some suggestions.
You're right...the recipe sure reads like that (no covering mentioned).
OTOH, most recipes I've made for a braised brisket, like this one, cover it for most of the baking (3-5 hr) with foil and uncover at the end to give a nice browning or crispness to the outside. I fear if you leave it uncovered 3 hr in oven you will have expensive shoe leather.
So, I would recommend light cover (the foil or a dutch oven with the lid ajar) so you protect the brisket but avoid (inadvertently) steaming it.
The P. December 24, 2017
My thoughts exactly. Thank you!
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