Will toasting almond flour/meal change how it bakes?

I've recently been getting into testing my own recipes! A really exciting prospect, but kinda expensive. So before I potentially ruin a ten dollar bag of Bob's Red Mill almond 'flour,' I was wondering if anybody has tried toasting nut flours as they would toast nuts in a recipe. I'm using nut flours for flavour purposes at the moment, but I would also love some insight into how a toasted nut meal acts as the main building block of a baked good (quickbreads, cookies, nothing fussy like meringue)

Oscar Cadeau
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1 Comment

margerine April 7, 2018
It shouldnt change the way it bakes, just the flavor. In terms of quickbreads/cookies nut meal is denser than normal flour so you have to include more baking soda or equivalent raising agent.
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