Are we sure the quantities are correct? That’s an awful lot of Parmesan for 2 and the milk plus the liquid from the spinach makes for a lot of liq...


Mike Laye
Spicy Tuscan Salmon
Recipe question for: Spicy Tuscan Salmon


Mike L. May 14, 2018
Hi Nancy - I already made this last night! It was really delicious and has gone to be one of our 5-star recipes. Next time, I think I would slightly reduce the milk and add a bit more cream, just to slightly thicken the sauce and counteract the moisture given out by the spinach. If serving with pasta, I would have added a drop of cooking water to help thicken, but last night I was serving with crispy potato discs. Also, I'm in France and, on checking, found that the conversion I made for "1/2 cup Parmesan" was incorrect, resulting in 2x the quantity (was 45g NOT the 100g I used).

I really want to say a big "thank you" to Food 52 for their site, discovered recently, which has transformed our meal-times. We have always eaten a good, balanced, Mediterranean-style cuisine but your recipes have inspired and encouraged us to break away from our "routine" dishes.

Our only complaint is about the measurements all being USA-centric - I do wish they could be in Metric, too (even UK cooks are used to using these). As it is, we have to convert pretty much every recipe - and then make silly mistakes, as per the above!!

Many thanks again to them for all their efforts - and to you, personally, for your speedy response to my query.

Best regards

Mike Laye
Nancy May 14, 2018
Mike -
Glad the dish worked and you find food52 helpful.
I have the same problem with conversions back and forth. Get a good chart, memorize the measures for foods you use often and/Or get a scale (I've done the first two; keep meaning to get a scale).
Nancy May 14, 2018
@Mike Laye - have a look at another site where Jacqueline has posted her recipe (identical in amounts)
and this one from Epicurious, which is also by her and has same quantities.
So, not an error.
Then the question is, do you want to make it?
Nancy May 14, 2018
PS I learned this recipe-comparison trick from cv. When in doubt, first look for another posting of the same or similar recipe.
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