My sister today told me she is now gluten- & dairy-free and I have no idea what to make. (I'm vegetarian.) Suggestions that don't include beans?

  • Posted by: Mimi
  • November 19, 2018


Nancy November 20, 2018
At such short notice, it's hard to make a totally new menu.
You could make most of your traditional thanksgiving menu with a few changes...
* use olive or other other, meat fat, coconut oil etc instead of butter.
* omit cheeses & creams
* make a rice-based stuffing or side dish instead of bread-stuffing
Dessert will be more difficult. Ideas:
* good dark chocolates
fruit compote (with coconut yogurt or regular cream on the side for those or can or want to eat it)
* chocolate mousse that uses avocado or olive oil instead of cream or egg
* dried fruit nut salad...from Israel, Spain or Italy. Doesn't sound like much, but has liqueur to bind it all together and tastes lovely.
* look for kosher dessert recipes that are called parve (means neutral, neither meat nor milk). Have lots of non-dairy options. Good recipes available from Jamie Geller, Tori Avey, Noreen Gilletz, Joan Nathan.
Nancy November 20, 2018
Forgot you're vegetarian.
Just omit the meat-fat suggestion.
Ella Q. November 19, 2018
You can also use our menu maker to find more!
Ella Q. November 19, 2018
Hi Mimi,

Sure thing. Here are a few suggestions:

Main: Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie ( or Whole Roasted Cauli (
Sides: Tahini-Broccoli (
Green Salad (
Sweet Potatoes (
Butternut Squash Chips ( or Spiralized Fries (
Vegan/GF Gravy (
Cran Sauce (
Roasted Delicata (
Vegan/GF Bread (
Raw Vegan Choc Tart (
Vegan Carrot Cake w/ GF Flour (

Mimi November 19, 2018
Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!
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