What savory chocolate soup I can make?

Hello! I am currently in need to make a savory chocolate soup (or cocoa powder). Do you have any suggestions?

Please Help Me


Nancy December 4, 2020
Perhaps say, hot or cold? For what purpose or what part of a meal?
Will have more ideas what to say then.
Please H. December 4, 2020
Actually, I was instructed to do any type of soup for any occasion. I just need to make a soup with chocolate in it. Thanks for the reply tho! Hoping someone could help
Nancy December 4, 2020
Lots out there.
I'm most familiar with various Mexican ones, and some with tomato (choc-tomato is a nice flavor combo).
Others with pumpkin, miso, etc.
Do a web search and see what appeals to you.
Please H. December 4, 2020
Alright! That's very helpful! Thank you very much!!
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