Could you share your cold brew concentrate recipe?

I can't wait to try this, but I'm wondering if you can share your ratios for cold brew concentrate? There are as many ways to make cold brew as there are drinkers. I currently make it at regular coffee strength. Thanks!!!

Jennifer Keane
Espresso Martini
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AntoniaJames September 4, 2021
My standard cold brew ratio is 5:1 by weight, e.g., 1,000 g water / 200 g coarsely ground coffee beans. For this espresso martini, I probably would drop that ratio to 4:1. I'd do a small test run, however, expecting to tinker with it more, perhaps making the coffee concentrate even stronger, depending on how the drinks turn out. ;o)
Nancy September 5, 2021
Just a supplementary note.
I've made about 8 versions of cold-brew coffee from a coffee pot manufacturer and cooking sites (one helpful link at end).
The ratios of water to coffee range from 2 to 7, so a ratio of 4 or 5 is a good starting point.
After you've made your first batch, adjust stronger or weaker according to taste.
MMH September 5, 2021
I agree with AJ. I use cold water in a French press and you can make it as strong (or weak) as you like. I refrigerate what I dont use.
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