Our Duds of 2015

December 29, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Razzies of Food52 articles—a look back at the posts that flopped, straight up.


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Some posts we thought would do really, really well (kill/break the internet, as they say), but they didn't—or rather: #fail. Some posts, you didn't seem to care for. We laughed some. We cried some. So we're making ourselves feel a little better by giving out awards.

Without further ado, here are the best of the worst, the Food52 Belly Flops of 2015:

The articles that made friends with crickets:

When we told you these recipes are crazy good, you were not that interested. What more do you need to know? Apparently, something. But not what we haven't eaten yet. A post about that didn't intrigue, either.

One or two posts had some snark—but they were snubbed.

We learned that you'd prefer a pie recipe to pie art and know how to thaw your turkey rather than what oysters are doing in your stuffing.

The posts that ruffled feathers:

When we showed you how to use your hands instead of a tool to help you cook in a pinch—and what your favorite ice cream says about you (in good humor)—but you weren't tickled.

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More: Something you can't not be tickled by.

Nobody seemed as charmed as we were by the headline of this important roundup of soft natural fabrics—and the idyllic, calm Hudson Valley proved controversial.

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Top Comment:
“Your resolution for 2016 should be to find a better balance between good business and good content. ”
— Brett S.

Also, guess what this says:

Sooki! Or 500,000? Ahhh!

Here's to keeping the blood flowing and the comments sections lively in 2016!

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nancy E. December 31, 2015
What about the post for a coffee filter garland?
Jessica K. December 31, 2015
Can't agree more with Brett Stevenson! Food52 is a trailblazing blog, not a follower. Stand out by promising to have more clever titles in 2016 instead of click-baity ones. :)
Brett S. December 31, 2015
I've noticed an increasing trend toward click-bait articles. I understand that this site is a business, but every time I roll my eyes at one of your hyperbole-infused headlines, I ask myself why I still follow what used to be a much better, and much more informative site. Your resolution for 2016 should be to find a better balance between good business and good content.
nancy E. December 31, 2015
I heartily agree.
Samantha W. December 29, 2015
Here, here!