Meet December's Hotline MVP

December 27, 2015

Every month we choose a Food52er to thank for his or her generous help and guidance on the Hotline, and we're excited to announce that December's Hotline MVP is creamtea!

Photo by James Ransom

Creamtea is a longtime member of the Food52 community with a number of recipes in her collection like the contest finalist Red Pepper Taxicab Chicken (pictured above), so named because it originated in a cab ride with her daughter.

She's also active on the Hotline, offering tips for getting perfect latkes and using a large food processor and she's always ready with suggestions for everything from light lunch ideas to cookies for a bake off. She seems to be a turkey-whisperer:​ sharing how to deal with torn skin, how to salt a Kosher turkey, and how to carve and serve your bird.

Congratulations to creamtea and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline—the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

To thank our members for their dedication to helping out their fellow cooks, every month we’ll choose a Food52er whose activity on the Hotline has caught our eye, and treat him or her to a $25 gift certificate to our Shop. Want to boost your kitchen karma? We’re looking for enthusiastic participation throughout the month that is helpful, thoughtful, and considerate.


Nancy December 27, 2015
I first met you in the story of the red pepper chicken. Great story and great recipe! Congratulations & well done!
creamtea December 27, 2015
Thanks Nancy!