Your Monday Lunch Break Reading List

February  1, 2016

Life moves pretty fast, as Ferris Bueller says. Here's a selection of our favorite stories from the site this week.


  • If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a bit of a love affair with the current citrus situation this winter.
  • We also expressed our ongoing infatuation with diners.


  • In case you thought mac n’ cheese couldn’t be better, Posie offered a brilliant tip to up your cheesy noodle game.
  • And if you were looking for more favorite recipes, we brought some of those to you too.


  • Tired of soup? Enter tempura.
  • But not tired of bacon? Us either. So we showed you how to work it in to more meals.
  • In case that wasn't enough to lift your spirits this week, we showed you a quick de-cluttering trick to get your space, and head, back on track.
  • To round it all out, we gave you some podcast suggestions to get you through a slushy commute.


  • Caroline shared some good uses for those specialty oils you splurged on that one time and then never used again.
  • And then gave us an inside look at the life of an oyster farmer.
  • Meanwhile, Leslie gave the lowdown on what it’s like to take the sommelier test.
  • And our contributor Emiko showed us the fried side of Carnivale.



  • We stepped back in time to watch Amanda and Merrill teach us how to get the perfect char.
  • And then Leslie looked to the future to share what she thinks will be the trendiest food this year.
  • Vegans, rejoice! We gathered the best tips to tackle eating out in a not-always-vegan-friendly landscape.
  • Looking for design ideas that are real aces? We found those too.


  • We’re asking for your help! Be a tester for our newest contest, Your Best Tart.
  • Citrus season presses on, and we want it to stay interesting. To help, we showed you some great persimmon recipes.
  • We also tried to think a bit differently about the seasons.
  • And guys. We found it. The grown up version of Yoo-hoo. Happy Friday!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

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