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Your Monday Lunch Break Reading List

April  4, 2016

Busy weekend? Here's what you may have missed on our site.

Photo by James Ransom


Photo by James Ransom


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Photo by James Ransom


  • We gave you a first look at Marcella Hazan’s final cookbook.
  • And discussed why turmeric is leaving its golden fingerprints on everything, from lattes to oatmeal.
  • Then Emiko gave us a little language lesson with a heaping side of farrotto.
  • And we said a bittersweet goodbye to citrus (and reminded ourselves that you can preserve more than lemons!).
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  • Amanda S. shared your best tips for an all-natural spring cleaning.
  • We taught you some very crucial cocktail math (and how to turn it into 8 drinks!).
  • And then we learned the proper Polish way to make pierogis.
  • Plus, Kristen shared a genius trick for cooking kale, and now we’re pretty sure we’ll never cook the stuff any other way.
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  • We gave you a chance to win a Cristel Space-Saving Fry Pan! You can still enter, by the way.
  • Erin taught us how to avoid a disasterous soggy-bottomed quiche. (Phew!)
  • And we learned what makes this cake so special—besides the fact that it contains a whole orange, peel and all!
  • Finally, we mourned the very sudden and tragic loss of architect Zaha Hadid.
Photo by James Ransom


  • We asked for your help choosing our next cookbook topic! Don't know about you, but I'm crossing my fingers for An Illustrated History of Butter Keepers.
  • We also announced Grey Apron, our new meal kit delivery service.
  • And revealed our secret to success—breakfast.
  • Finally, Amanda and Merrill delivered a special message, and explained how you can own a little piece of Food52.

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