14 Ways to Use up a Bundle of Tarragon (or 14 Reasons to Buy One)

May 11, 2016

I can close my eyes and imagine the spicy-lush smell of basil, the prickly-green smell of dill, the clean smell of parsley. But for me, tarragon is one of those herbs like chervil—my parents never cooked with it when I was growing up, and while I can picture it in my head, I can't imagine the smell or know immediately how to cook with it.

But tarragon—brightly sweet-savory and licorice-ish—deserves more credit than it gets. (I had it recently in a green sauce and was so pleasantly surprised.) Scoop up a bundle the next time you see one, and spirit it into these 14 recipes:

How do you use tarragon? In green sauce? Aioli? Sprinkled with vigor into salads? Tell us in the comments.

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Smaug May 11, 2016
Tarragon (Artemesia Dracunculus) is an easy herb to grow. It is one of the few culinary herbs that is an herbaceous perennial; that is, it dies back every winter and puts out new growth from the roots in the spring. It needs fairly rich soil and good drainage, and should be fed, with plenty of nitrogen)when growth starts in spring- a good top dressing of compost is quite helpful. It's a close relative of Wormwood (Artemesia Absynthium)- the notorious flavorant in Absinthe, and several nice decorative plants.
I wish I liked the flavor better- I hardly ever use it except in small quantities in Herbes de Provence mixtures.
SB May 11, 2016
I'm excited about these recipes, as I love tarragon. I also like to use it in my Hollandaise sauce (make it more of a Bearnaise) and instead of lemon juice, i use white wine vinegar that has been infused with a couple springs of tarragon. I also like making herbed butters with tarragon (chives, thyme and tarragon to be specific, with pepper and some cayenne pepper, to put over steaks or grilled lobster tails.) even adding it to my watercress spread for a little extra flavor. or just chopping it up with basil, parsley and chives and toss it into a green salad to make every bite refreshing and flavorful.