20 Recipes for Snacks That Double as Party Favors

June 16, 2016

Maybe you're not crazy ambitious enough to DIY a wedding cake, but that doesn't mean you can't add other handmade elements to your event—the type that won't be as big of a (figurative and literal) lift.

Make vats of granola, buckets of spiced nuts, or trays of snack mix (in your favorite flavors!), then pack them up in little jars and send them home with your guests. They'll be an accompaniment to breakfast the next morning—or a snack for the car ride home. Or, for your guests staying in hotels, include the homemade snack as part of a goodie bag for the room.

These 20 recipes can be scaled up and packaged ahead of time—and they're much easier than making a whole wedding cake!!! (Take note of the recipes that require refrigeration—and be sure to let your guests know of that detail, too!)

Or, send them home with something they can mix together for breakfast the next morning (or the next week!):

And look: a whole bunch of cute containers to pack them in!

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