The Very Long, Incomplete List of Fall Cookbooks We Can't Wait For

July 22, 2016

Fall is the season for new cookbooks to come out—and this year, the line-up is big, bad, and bodacious. Did we mention it's big?

There are so many books headed our way! While you might not have given any thought to what cookbooks are coming out or which you'll be giving as holiday gifts just yet, the cookbook world is already ramping up.

Amanda and Merrill's book, A New Way to Dinner, which comes out in October, has been off at the printer for months now, and we're starting to get copies of fall books from publishers, too (you can see sneak peeks of what we're getting on Facebook Live: Here and here are two recent editions).

So we're starting to make our list, though haven't had a chance to check it twice. Here are just some—can you believe it?—of the books we can't wait to get our hands on this fall. Which stand out to you? Tell us in the comments!

You made it! Now tell us your short list in the comments below.

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    Coleen page
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    Avon Leekley
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    Barbara St John
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Coleen P. August 5, 2016
Wow! Looks like I'm going to have to start saving now!! So any great cook books!!
Avon L. August 4, 2016
Mrs Steph Curry is coming out with her first book; cute couple and I mean that in the best sense .
Elaine August 4, 2016
Mark Bittman for sure, and Dorie Greenspan... Can't resist either of them.
Barbara S. August 4, 2016
Wow! So many terrific chefs and writers to chose from. I'm more on the savory side but it's hard to know where to start. Well, I guess with Merrill and Amanda's new book which I ordered a while ago.
bonnie M. August 4, 2016
OH My, it's going to be a great year! Most excited about Ina Garten's new book and also Anthony Bourdain.
barbara N. August 4, 2016
Anything baking for me! The cast iron sounds good too.
aleeda August 4, 2016
What an amazing array of culinary craft! Makes me think about next year's Piglet!!
linda July 24, 2016
Can't wait for Asha Gomez's cookbook. She is a magnificent chef.
Ginny E. July 23, 2016
Wait, isn't Phyllis Grant's book supposed to be out this fall? Please tell me yes...been waiting ages for it!
Micki B. July 22, 2016
Woohoo so many books to be excited about!