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Meet the Makers Who Create the Products We All Fall For

August  6, 2016

We’re celebrating our Shop’s third birthday today, which means we’re also celebrating the people who create all of the products in the Shop—our makers are essential to making Food52 what it is.

Operations Manager Olivia Bloom put it best when she walked through how a product finds its way into our Shop: “Above all, our Shop is built around our relationships with the designers, artists, woodworkers, and ceramicists whose work populate our virtual shelves.” Those relationships are important to us and we work hard to nurture​ them. We know that we care a little bit more about the products we bring into our homes when we know who created them, and we think you do, too.

That’s why we want to introduce you to the people behind the products we’re all so crazy about. Here are a couple dozen of our (over 600!) makers as well as the stories behind their work:

A few of our makers, from left to right: 1st row: AHeirloom, Al Mather, Bog Berry, Celina Mancurti; 2nd row: Claudia Pearson, Creekside Farms, Dot and Army, Especially Puglia; 3rd row: Frances Palmer, Fred Arndt, Fruitsuper, Hawkins New York; 4th row: Looks Like White, Mary Mary, Mepra, Mosser Gloss 5th row: Park Woodshop, Peg & Awl, Pigeon Toe, Red House 6th row: Sawyer Ceramics, SIN, Vintage Vogue, Windy Chien

Photo credits for maker photos: Marion Brenner for Frances Palmer, Brittany Ambridge for Hawkins New York, and Molly Decoudreaux Photography for Windy Chien

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Photo collage and illustrations by Timothy McSweeney

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