Grab (Any) Fruit! We're Having a Facebook Live Cobbler Cookalong

August 19, 2016

Ever wish you had someone in the kitchen to coach you along when you reach the scariest part of the recipe? Then you're in luck!

Sunday (yes, this Sunday, August 21st—yippee!) at 11 A.M. EST, we're having our first ever Facebook Live cook-along. Only this time it's a bake-along because Hannah Kirshner of Sweet and Bitters will be making an any-kind-of-summer-fruit cobbler—and we want you to come play, too!

Photo by Mark Weinberg

It's easy, really: Hannah will bake; you will bake. Like virtual cooking partners—without the risk of bumping elbows in a small, hot kitchen. (And there might be a sing-along, too, but no promises.)

So, at 11 A.M. Sunday, perch your computer or phone somewhere out of the line of flour and press play on Facebook Live.

Here are the only other supplies you'll need:

  • Butter, flour, sugar, cream—or any other ingredients you use to make your favorite biscuits (like these or these)
  • Fresh summer fruit that's going to taste great bubbling up underneath them
  • Standard tools of the trade: a couple mixing bowls, a 10-inch ovenproof skillet (maybe the beautiful one featured above?) or similar-sized baking dish, a rubber spatula, a wooden spoon, wet and dry measuring cups, a cutting board, and a knife
  • A strong desire to make cobbler! And a willingness to turn on your oven to make that happen

Better than Saturday morning cartoons, we'd say.

Biscuts + Fruits = Cobbler:

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