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Think Chickpeas Can't Be Sexy? These 15 Dinners Say Otherwise

September 16, 2016

If the prospect of sexy, sultry chickpeas leaves you bit a flummoxed, remember what they look like all dressed up: Roasted into punchy, crispy pops for a salad, or whizzed into a voluminous purée; braised until cozy, or blended into a soup so smooth, you'll want to run your fingers through it (though we suggest you don't).

Photo by James Ransom

Chickpeas nuzzle into orecchiette or nestle into a pile of pappardelle. They take well to cheese, lemon juice, herbs, capers. They want to be eaten out of bowls, pinched up with your fingers.

And while dried chickpeas, touted as creamier and more flavorful, might be inherently the sexiest, we think canned chickpeas can be just as appealing and are doubtlessly speedier. And after all, what's sexier than resourcefulness and reliability?

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Here are 15 dinners that let the little pulses flaunt what they've got:

What's the best chickpea dish you know? Tell us about it in the comments!

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